GM, and welcome to my modest corner of the web. This is my weblog about me exploring and building the world and it's wide web. I am a professional software person and an amateur human. You can learn more about me at /about.

Here are the things that I have been documenting that I find interesting for my future self. I plan to be more active through my writing here:


each fellow will receive a monthly stipend of rs 50,000. this opportunity is open to those currently studying in high school or uni in india or who have dropped out, who are self-motivated and working on something they believe will change the world. i’m ready to share whatever little i know and open up my network to connect them with the right experts. absolutely no strings attached.


Year one is just you living the same tough day on a loop you can't shake it off.


So much for just being.

Alpha man

There's no one way to be a boy, there's no one way to be a man, there's no one way to be a human. There are many ways, all the experiences are valid, and all our thoughts are valid, it's just that we can't talk about these things, so we end up feeling alone.

Fire fast

Startup life's real talk: Fire fast if the fit isn't right and focus on hiring doers first. Your startup's vibe attracts the big players later as you grow.


Forget the number of candles on your cake; it's the youthful dreams and daring spirits that count. Age is a mindset, and I'm living for those who keep their inner dreamer alive, no matter their years.

Chasing my own tail or chasing dreams?

I'm all about trying different things, but sometimes it feels like I'm playing in a league that's changing faster than I can keep up. Looking for that sweet spot where passion meets chill vibes, without feeling like I’ve gotta win at everything. Just trying to navigate this wild, ambitious journey without losing my mind. So yeah, that's the gist.!

Okay, so I've had this wild realization: the internet's kinda turned into my parents and relatives. You know, the whole 'expect and then mock' routine?.

Enterprise Sales: What's changed in 2023?

Enterprise sales has never been a walk in the park, but it's becoming even more challenging. In the past, a broad approach might have worked, but today, things are different. Open rates are down, spam filters are stricter, and financial environments are more demanding. Sales reps face a dilemma—should they prioritize quantity or quality in their outreach?

Unapologetically Me

I am learning to be increasingly less apologetic about being someone who asks a lot of questions, I honestly dont care anymore, I dont care if it makes you uncomfortable, I know who I am & I actually think of myself as not too bright but I am pleasently surprised to know that it's usually enough.