GM, and welcome to my modest corner of the web. This is my weblog about me exploring and building the world and it's wide web. I am a professional software person and an amateur human. You can learn more about me at /about.

Here are the things that I have been documenting that I find interesting for my future self. I plan to be more active through my writing here:

Build or Buy? Build & Buy.

So, here’s something I've been mulling over. You know how businesses often grapple with the whole do we craft this ourselves or just purchase it? debate.

Shakti Goap

I think these are the situations when you start questioning your life? Like if there’s a reason that you were born? or if this is how you would have wanted to lead your life? or if this is what you want to do?

Recruitment realities: why startup hiring needs a fresh approach

Startups are hiring at an unprecedented pace but often struggle when relying on recruitment agencies. These agencies may not understand a startup's unique needs, oversell candidates, and engage in quantity-over-quality practices. Their transactional approach can hinder finding candidates who genuinely align with a startup's culture. Solving this people-heavy problem with tech is a conversation worth having.

Things I learned in my undergrad, the hard way!

If you are a student who studies in an Indian 2nd tier engineering college, you can completely relate to my glee — No more stupid examinations, mindless copying of un-useful assignments, attendance norms of >75%, not using mobile phones, college administrators giving a hard time, etc etc.

What France’s WC win meant to me?

NO, it’s not just about Football. Being such a huge football fan and experiencing France win the worldcup in Paris would ofcourse be a story to tell my grandchildren, but there is something more to this.

Visiting Barcelona: A dream come true!

“Alé alé, alé alé, Força Barcelona alé” — this is the raucous chant that reverberated through the Nou Camp when I put my foot in. Ah, the Camp Nou, home to my club, FC Barcelona and might I even add, the home of football.


Still 19 in my eyes, still 19!

Analysing different Operational Transformation algorithms for collaborative editing

This is the third post in my series of Operational Transformation (OT), the real time collaborative editing algorithm.

Operational Transformation, the real-time collaborative editing algorithm

This is the second post related to Operational Transformation, the real-time collaborative editing algorithm. In this post, I would be digging deep into the transformation function, how clients wait for acknowledgement from the server before sending more operations and the compound operational transformation.

Building a real-time collaborative editor using Operational Transformation

For this summers, I would have the incredible privilege of interning with Typeset. I am really excited for this opportunity and would be working on implementing collaborative editing using Operational Transformation algorithm on the editor with the tech team. This post will explain a very naive approach to the Operational Transformation algorithm.