Recruitment realities: why startup hiring needs a fresh approach

Posted on Dec 10, 2019

So, let’s talk startups and hiring. Here’s the deal—startups are hiring like there’s no tomorrow, pouring money into it like they’re making it rain. But strangely, they’re not exactly acing it.

What’s the common move? “Let’s outsource this whole hiring thing to recruitment agencies. They’ve got it all figured out, right?” Well, not exactly. It’s more like they’re figuring it out as they go. Here’s why it’s a bit of a bumpy ride

  1. Mismatch Madness: You’ve probably crossed paths with those recruitment agencies, and let’s be honest—many of them don’t quite get your startup’s vibe or the roles you’re hunting for. They might oversell your startup to candidates just to score that commission. But the snag is, a bunch of these agencies aren’t exactly experts. So, they end up sending you candidates who are more “mismatch” than “match” cluttering your hiring funnel with a whole lot of noise.

  2. Quantity Over Quality: Recruitment agencies often work like a marketplace. They send candidates to multiple companies and sometimes even pit them against each other. It’s like a battle royale, and it’s not always great for your startup.

  3. The Template Tango: Now, when you’re in startup mode, these agencies might look like your saving grace. They handle the heavy lifting, bring in some industry know-how, and have a sprawling network. But here’s the twist—many of them treat candidates like they’re just names on paper. It’s all pretty transactional. They slap a template on candidates’ resumes, trying to fit everyone into the same mold, whether it fits or not. Sure, on paper, these candidates seem like the bee’s knees, but they might not be the right cultural fit for your startup. Finding top-notch candidates in this conveyor belt system is like finding a needle in a haystack. And even if you do uncover a gem, you’ll wonder how they ended up in that agency in the first place.

So, if you’re out there, trying to crack the code on this people-heavy hiring puzzle using tech wizardry, let’s connect. I’m all ears for brainstorming solutions!