Growth teams?

Posted on Nov 1, 2023

Building a killer growth engine is all about keeping it simple. Set one or two clear north star metrics, create a culture where everyone’s brainstorming data-driven hypotheses, and make sure you’re moving at lightning speed with an MVP mindset. Forget the team structure fuss; it’s about fostering an environment where failure is cool because it means you’re learning and improving fast.

Run growth experiments that give clear answers. Most of the experiments succeed only about 30% of the time, which is great if failure is clear. The core idea is creating a culture that doesn’t shy away from failing, as long as it’s as clear as day. The trick is to design experiments that either prove your ideas are winners or show they’re duds. No maybe’s allowed. By giving it your all in these experiments, you can confidently say “yes” or “no.” This approach keeps you from doing the same things over and over because you’re not sure if they work. It works for both big and small experiments, making learning and growth the name of the game.