Posted on Dec 10, 2023

Okay, so here’s a fun fact about people: most of you have got a serious weirdness problem. You know, if you’re just chilling, not actively doing something, suddenly everyone turns into a makeshift security guard with a life lecture ready. ‘Hey, what’s the deal? Sitting idle? There’s a world of work out there, and you’re lounging? Come on, find that dream job! That’s your life mission!’ Like, seriously? My life’s mission is to find a purpose to work? To be an employee? Are you sure or are you really trying hard to be funny?

It’s kind of hilarious when you think about it. No one ran up to the big controversial figures like our PM Modiji during their intense political dramas and was like, ‘Haanji brdr, what you up to?’ But oh boy, they’re busy, they’re respected – they’re doing something.’

And then there’s you, maybe just kicking back with some tunes or deep into a rap sesh, and bam - suddenly, people act like you’re throwing your life away. It’s as if they’ve reached some sort of enlightenment and know exactly what’s best for you. Our society’s got this knack for training its peeps to feel guilty if they’re not doing something labeled as “doing something”.

But hey, who are we trying to impress here? Because clearly, in this world, lounging with a rap album is the eighth deadly sin, and being ‘busy’ is the new nirvana. So much for ‘just being,’ right?